Artisanal Capital

Connecting Companies with Artisans

We are an an interdisciplinary team with more than 5 years of experience partnering with artisans in Colombia. We are a specialized platform that works with artisanal communities throughout Colombia with a high level of success. We collaborate with various communities to apply their techniques into versatile products for upscale markets around the world. We help bring together products that merge techniques, textures and materials evocative of a multicultural world.

What We Do

Preserve Traditions

Support and encourage Colombian artisanal traditions. 

Empower Communities

Identify community leaders and  foster their leadership.

Promote Work Ethics

Help communities become economically self- sufficient. 

Create Jobs

Generate  reliable sources of  income for vulnerable communities.

Work with Women

Organize women  to have dignified work and a voice. 


We generate high impact networks between artisanal communities and international companies to fuel social & environmental change.

Why Colombia?

Colombia is one of the world leaders in artisanal crafts due to its rich cultural diversity and vast natural resources.

Partner with Us

Use our know-how to help companies incorporate hand made products into their portfolios, and project follow-through from start to finish. With more than 5 years experience  working with artisans and local communities we can guarantee a successful outcome and a transparent process throughout.

Material Development

We guide the selection process by researching viable materials through responsible sourcing 

Product Development

We connect companies with Colombian artisanal handmade products from sustainable sources

Product Design

We teach artisans to create high quality pieces with an eye trained on precision to meet clients’ expectations

Product Delivery

We supervise logistics and follow-through of projects from start to finish to ensure meticulous quality control and timely delivery


We consult and support in developing a specific line of products unique to your company

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