Kuna Cushion
Kuna Cushion
Kuna Cushion

Kuna Cushion

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A unique juxtaposition of patterns and textures that invite you to celebrate life and colors from home. Made in our statement Kuna Textiles which are entirely crafted by artisan partners of the Guna Dule Community with an ancient appliqué technique of hand sewing cut layers of fabric, and finished with an exquisite cotton canvas on the back. There is no one way to style it, you can pair it with almost any other Kuna Cushions or with other textures and techniques you already have at home. The secret: to have fun while doing it :)


50 CM x 50 CM


Muted green, Orange, Blush


Mixed Fabrics & Cotton Canvas


All of the Kuna Textiles are made in Colombia in the Caiman Alto Reserve by Mola Sasa's artisan women partners of the Guna Dule community. For generations the artisan women have passed down an ancient appliqué technique of hand sewing cut-out layers of fabric to form an intricate piece of art. Each fabric is the specific design of the artisan woman who carefully works on it. The Guna culture, beliefs and traditions can be found woven into each composition. Some depict stories, animals or daily scenes while others offer a more abstract design. The Kuna Textiles are then brought to England where they are crafted into cushions. Each one is backed with Wicklewood’s namesake fabric and our signature contrasting trim is added to make each piece even more special and idiosyncratic.

Dry Clean Only