Le Monde Beryl  x Mola Sasa

Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa

To celebrate our shared passion for traditional techniques and ancient cultures, Le Monde Beryl and Mola Sasa launched a shoe collaboration as part of the Spring/Summer ’18 collection.

“When Lily, Katya and I spoke about the collaboration, we never imagined that the shoes would turn out so beautifully…”

Sabet continues, “The delicate fabrics created by our artisans, combined with Le Monde Beryl’s stunning shape are a celebration of craftsmanship and tradition from Italy and Colombia. Like us, Le Monde Beryl’s focus is on pieces made by the hands of artisans that price tradition and technique above all; a luxury in our times. That is why I am grateful for collaborations such as this one, made with zest, imagination and care.”

Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa capsule collection features two mules in the classic Le Monde Beryl style inspired by Venetian gondoliers and the Silk Route , finished with Mola Sasa’s iconic textiles, made from layers of fabric cut and hand sewn by the Kuna women of Colombia and Panamá. 


“It has been so inspiring working with Yasmin and the Kuna women who make these beautiful textiles. The origin of the shape and concept for our slipper comes from Venice, but as we started to incorporate different materials and textures into the design, we noticed that they resembled slippers from all over the world. This gave us the idea to explore traditional ethnic textiles and learn more about the craft and artisans behind them. We are delighted that our first collaboration is with Mola Sasa. We love the colors and patterns and we felt that Yasmin’s celebration of these women and their beautiful craft was very much aligned with our interests and passions.” Lily Atherton Hanbury, Co-Founder of Le Monde Beryl.

Travel from the traditional Venice canals to the far flung corners of the colorful Colombia and Panamá in only one step!