Mola Sasa x Sophia Li

Mola Sasa x Sophia Li

In collaboration with our favorite storyteller, journalist & filmmaker, Sophia Li, we have created a collection inspired by our shared passion for the wonders and wisdom of nature, the power of collective caretaking/human collaboration and and the need for hope, optimism and joy today and everyday.



Did you know that corals are known to be the most resilient marine organisms?


In November 2021, the Great Barrier Reef was captured during its coral spawning event. This is when the corals breed over two to three days by casting sperm and eggs into the water once every year in the Pacific Ocean, a regeneration of the reef even after coral bleaching. 

Another study from 2012 shows that coral reefs can regenerate, come back to life even after hundreds of years. The resiliency of coral reefs as a beautiful representation of the resiliency of our spirit and psyche these past two years.


Inspired by the powerful lifecycle, exotic shapes and vibrant colors of corals species of the Caribbean such as “Zonathids” and “Discosoma” we designed 2 statement earrings to gift to yourself and others as a symbol of hope and joy.


Entirely handcrafted by Ana Sofía, a local jeweler based in Bogotá, the earrings are made with 24k gold plated brass and come in colorful Iraca jewelry boxes handwoven by artisans of Sandoná, Nariño with natural Iraca fiber. 


Adittionally, a limited edition selection of Iraca Oval Boxes and Totes selected by Sophia Li, can be bought with any pair of earrings at no additional markup. All styles were bought directly from the artisans’ stock in order to help them promote their own designs.



The Give Back

"Working with Sophia was inspiring; she has a different and fresh approach and so it pushed us to create something fun but with a specific intention. She has generously forgone her share of the proceeds so that we can start a new initiative in the Guna Dule community of Caiman Alto. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity." Yasmin Sabet, Mola Sasa Founder and Creative Director.

Sophia will be donating her proceeds for a special development project in agriculture with the Guna Dule community, one of the most remote communities we work with. The project will focus on maximizing responsible production of the Zapote /Sapote fruit on their land.