Mastering the Art of Table Setting

Mastering the Art of Table Setting

Table maximalism is all about color combinations that will make your table look impactful as soon as you walk into the room. Whether you are a print-on-print maximalist kind of woman or a more classic one, we’ve got the homeware for you to indulge in the perfect table setting. 



First, a tablecloth. Tablecloths can be hard to pick because they usually determine the rest of the table's decorative details and we love to go bold on them! Thus, we decided to create a neutral yet sophisticated option that could act as the perfect backdrop to all kinds of table settings. Meet the Pink Sun Tablecloth, entirely hand dyed by artisan women of the Kankuamo Community, 



Second, placemats. We are big fans of placemats because it's what stands out the most on a table. And there is definitely nothing more special than our Cerinza Rainbow Placemats. Made from Esparto by women from a little town in Boyacá, Colombia in the most vibrant and fabulous colors. This is definitely the item that will have all your guests asking “Where did you get these?”



Third, the tableware. Who doesn't love a touch of tropical vibes on their table? The Palm Tree Tableware brings the right amount of fun and sophistication with its off white lacquered finish. Every piece has a different design so you can mix and match as you wish. Made in Colombia as everything we do! 



Last, but not least, napkins. Napkins may seem like a minor detail, but you would be surprised how much they change a table. Designed to blend with almost any setting, our new hand embroidered Leaf Napkin Set is the final touch you were looking for. 



With alI your Mola Sasa tableware items placed on your party table, all that is left is to fill in any space you see with beautiful flowers, plants or any other decorative detail you might have at home. Don’t be afraid to add too much... more is more and less is a bore like our friend and muse Iris Apfel likes to say! 

Now the only thing left is to play your favorite music playlist, prepare your favorite drinks and enjoy. We promise there will never be a dull moment if you have Mola Sasa on your table.