#YellowLikeA? by Marina Testino x Mola Sasa

#YellowLikeA? by Marina Testino x Mola Sasa

Wearing our values on our sleeves should be fun. 

Following on from previous projects such as #OneDressToImpress and #CarryOnSummer, Marina Testino created #YellowLikeALemon to continue promoting conscientious consumer choices for fashion and beauty. In this project, she challenged herself for two full months to only wear clothes following the Four S’s of Sustainable Fashion: Simplify, Share, Sustainably Sourced and Secondary Market and only using the color yellow!



Yes, YELLOW, because the easy thing would be to do it wearing a neutral color, but it wouldn´t be personal, challenging and fun. That is why we joined Marina´s project. After almost 5 years in the industry, we understood that through collaboration and memorable experiences we are able to foster engaged conversation and cultivate the culture of cohesion around meaningful and sustainable products. Plus, being sustainable can go a long way and make you feel damn amazing too.


“Mola Sasa is the ideal combination of color and chicness for the perfect accessory to make your look stand out! The amazing craftsmanship done by indigenous tribes in Colombia is truly a work of art. ”

Explore Marina´s favorite Mola Sasa#YellowLikeALemon styles.