The Zodiac Capsule Collection

The Zodiac Capsule Collection


As part of the Autumn / Winter ´18 collection, we have created an online exclusive Zodiac Capsule Collection inspired on vintage astrological representations from our own Kuna Textile archives.


“We wanted to explore a new concept with a new shape; something that bridged their culture with ours and put their mysticism into a new context such as are the Zodiac signs, well known to us but alien to them. I had bought a while back a Kuna Textile that represented most of the signs, and this was our inspiration and our starting point. I could see that they had already dabbled into the subject of astronomy but I wanted to take it further by creating these fun symbolic pieces that show how our western culture has reached even these remote and protected communities.”

Casual and playful there is no one way to carry them. In the hands of each individual its symbolic meaning is re-signified and becomes unique. Because most people definitely share traits of their sun sign, but we all have our own unique personality and this collection is about honoring the individuality in the collective and, as we always do, treasure the beauty in the imperfection.

ORDER your moon tote now with delivery date from December 3rd to 14th, just before Holidays!