Resort 2019

Resort 2019


After discovering the sacred spaces of the universe through the eyes of the Kuna community we came back to the richness and exuberance of our native country. Our resort Collection pays tribute to Colombia’s biodiversity, second in the world with its unique natural wealth. Colombia has approximately 1800 species of birds, 4000 species of orchids and 1500 exclusive species of plants, equivalent to 10% of the species that exist worldwide.


“For me Colombia is color and music; it vibrates with its cultural mix and rich ethnic variety. This has certainly been a great influence for Mola Sasa and I can see it translated in many ways in our designs. We mix various techniques that speak of a country full of color and diversity; in that way are able to share a piece of us with the world.“”



The RS19 collection presents 4 bright colors inspired by Colombian nature as its core – Mango, Jungle, Nautical, Sand – and incorporates variations in tones to create a new approach with monochrome and gradient effects. The base patterns used remain traditionally geometric but incorporate intricate hand-sewn appliqués of various typical Colombian birds and plants.

As with every season, this collection is 100% handmade in Colombia with a distinctive blend of artisanal techniques and natural resources. From our statement textiles of the Kuna community, to the coveted “Chimichagua” weave, the recently incorporated use of “Maguey” fiber and “Caña Flecha” and the introduction of “Iraca” bring this season an exploration of techniques and juxtapositions that give it a fresh twist.