Autumn / Winter 2018

Autumn / Winter 2018


According to the Kuna cosmogony, Olonagegiryai / Nakekiryai was the first woman capable of traveling to the sacred spaces of the universe.

In this way she learned the traditional mola technique and its symbolic language. Through abstract shapes in the sky, so the myth goes, not only were the creation of man and evolution of their culture revealed to her, but also the origin of the world and the secrets of the unseen immensity beyond. She shared her wisdom by means of song with the Kuna women.


This collection pays homage to Olonagegiryai / Nakekiryai and her unique portrait of the cosmos. A moon with a woman’s face, a square sun, infinite stars with varied shapes and flashes of unexpected bright bold colors invite you to travel into an unknown and fascinating dimension.

The AW18 Collection serves as an enduring reminder of our spirit, handmade and created by, and for, women who constantly seek to step beyond defined limits and to have a meaningful impact on the world.