The Maisunto Collection

The Maisunto Collection

Inspired by the rich legends of the Guna Dule culture, our main ar tisan partners, and one of the most distinguished American picture books for children, “Where the Wild Things are” by Maurice Sendak, this new collection is a testament of our passion for telling stories through textiles.

Since our inception, each Mola Sasa piece has been designed with the intention of evoking a sense of discovery. The collection now reaches its maximum expression featuring each of our statement accessories as portable works of art with endless characters and stories to be unveiled.



Taking inspiration from the Guna Dule’s sacred animals and jungle flora, and Sendak’s iconic monsters and wild scenes, the imagery comes together in our classic Kuna Clutches and new, but already coveted Mini Bags. The outcome is bold yet sophisticated accessories that will add the right amount of playfulness and mystery to the outfit of the contemporary woman.



As with every season, echoing the style of the bags, we designed new and aligned colorways of Kuna Bangles, Kuna Charms and Maguey earrings.



Lastly, we introduced a redefined Chimichagua Tote with the same combination of artisanal techniques and natural fibers, but with new detailing that will make it the ultimate summer tote.