The Holiday Table

The Holiday Table

Those who love to host also know that it can be stressful, especially around the holidays. Thus, we decided to put together a few ideas to take the hassle out and put the happy into your next festive occasion. 

The Tropical Xmas Table 

We designed this table for Don Eloy Rosas, an institution when it comes to flowers in Bogotá and Colombia. Our table was inspired by the lush green of Colombia. 



The large floral arrangements are reminiscent of the Darien Jungle where the Guna Dule artisans of Colombia live. The color accents add texture and work beautifully with our Kuna placemats. As always at Mola Sasa we like to tell stories in everything we do! 



The new Kuna Placemats included in this table were developed in collaboration with the Guna Dule community of Caimán Alto, Colombia. Its neutral colors blend with the green tones of the floral proposal and allow the table setting to be finished with a mix of inherited and new elements.





To finish this table we added a pop of bright colors with our best selling and versatile Kuna Ornaments. Available in 3 different themes that match everyone’s style, you can also place them along your tree and fireplace during this magical and festive season.




“This table was designed with simplicity and elegance, with few elements but with a large component of personal history." Yasmin Sabet, Founder and Creative Director of Mola Sasa.



The Rainbow Holiday Table 

Looking for a more colorful option this Holiday Season? Maximalism on the menu. 

Mix and match our vibrant tie dye tablecloth with the coveted wicker placemats and their matching hand embroidery napkins for the most vibrant and energetic table set up. So punchy your guests will be googling where you got them before you even sit down.



Tablecloths can be hard to pick because they usually determine the rest of the table's decorative details! Entirely hand dyed by artisan women of the Kankuamo Community, the Pink Sun Tablecloth, has the perfect balance of boldness and sophistication allowing all sorts of table settings. 




There is definitely nothing more special than our Cerinza Rainbow Placemats. Made from Esparto by women from a little town in Boyacá, Colombia in the most vibrant and fabulous colors. So fun your friends will be looking for it all over Instagram!





Designed to blend with almost any setting, our new hand embroidered Leaf Napkin Set is the final touch you were looking for your table. It may seem like a minor detail, but you would be surprised how much they change a table.