MOLA SASA NY EXHIBIT: Textiles, Stories & Cultural Heritage

MOLA SASA NY EXHIBIT: Textiles, Stories & Cultural Heritage

Last month we got the opportunity to celebrate the interaction of New York Textile Month and the Latinx Heritage Month with our first textile exhibition of Kuna Textiles from our archives at the renamed Colombian art gallery Instituto de Visión located in Downtown New York.



The three days exhibition revealed for the first time the design process behind the development of each of our intricate, colorful and playful collections. While at the same time continuing to give light to the story and cultural heritage behind the Latin American artisanal technique that has inspired the vision and mission since its beginning 7 years ago.



With the special assistance of Ragna Froda, Director of New York textile Month and Yasmin Sabet, our Founder and Creative Director, the exhibition was curated around the women’s iconic blouses, “parumas” and masks; pieces that still define the traditional garments of the community and were part of the initial inspiration of the brand itself. Around them, through our archive of Kuna Textiles we recreated our path/journey with the artisan technique showcasing not only our growth but the infinite possibilities that this technique has to offer.



It began with Yasmin Sabet’s personal textile collection both from Colombia and Panamá, slowly progressing to the Kuna textiles that have been developed as samples for Mola Sasa's statement clutches and special projects and closed with the entire development of 2 collections that integrated the community's cultural symbols and myths with western concepts and themes that were completely new for them




"So grateful for this chance o celebrate this beautiful technique so close to my heart and the wonderful women artisans behind these extraordinary textiles. I have been building a collection and I am excited to share some very special pieces and showcase them at such a cool gallery. I have admired their curation for a while."     - Yasmin Sabet, Founder and Creative Director.






What started out as an intention to convey story telling through textiles turned into a very energetic and jovial collection. "Molas" are already very figurative and detailed, and it is apparent that the women who make them create with a lot of emotion, with a story to tell behind each work of art. Especially fond of childhood books with fantastical plot lines and illustrations, I designed this collection in a story sequence in the same way a book would be read. Playing off the “Wild Things” in “Where the Wild things Are” by Maurice Sendak, a lot of inspiration was taken from the creative animal inventions in the Guna Dule’s work - take a horse with a fish tail, or a cat with a with a bird body for example. Adding in sketches from Colombian landscapes, graphic "molas", and coloring them in bright contrasts of color results in a collection that pops off the page. "     - Elizabeth Kaufman, Designer


Additionally, the exhibition presented a vibrant patchwork of Kuna textiles as an homage for our shared love for colors, patterns, and individuality.



If you were able to join us THANK YOU! If not, don't worry we will see you next time because this is the first of many :)