Mocca Indira Belt
Mocca Indira Belt
Mocca Indira Belt

Mocca Indira Belt

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The buckles of the belts are handwoven by the women of the Kankuama people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and are made by fiber extracted from a type of native agave plant called “Maguey.” The body of the belts are handwoven in the Zenu Reserve in Tuchin Cordoba with “caña flecha”. This is a technique developed for the “sombrero volteado” or “turned over” hat used in the coffee plantations. Gold tip finishing.


Buckle: 2 in, Length S: 75 in, Length M: 83 in 

Buckle: 5 cm, Length S: 190 cm, Length M: 210 cm 


Terracotta, Mocca, Gold Tip Finish 


Caña Flecha, Maguey


The buckle Is Individually Hand-Wrapped With Natural Maguey (Agave Plant) Fiber By Local Artisan Women Of The Kankuamo Community In The Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta And the strap is Made of wood and finished with the idiosyncratic craft typical of the Zenu Indians from the coffee plantation region of San Andrés de Sotavento in the department of Córdoba and Sucre

Spot clean with cold water and gentle soap