Mola Sasa

Ethical fashion encouraging artisanal traditions.

Mola SaSa was born fortuitously:

A stroll in a popular downtown Bogota market, buying Molas for cushions…

Our Story

Molas, as they known, are decorative apparel fabrics made by women of the Kuna or Guna indigenous communities of Panama and Colombia. They are made by applying cut out layers of fabric on top of each other. The more layers, the more fine the Mola. Each fabric is the particular design of the artisan woman that carefully works on it. The Women use the Molas to decorate their shirts. They place one in front and one in the back of the shirt, usually matching. They are an art in itself; each Mola is a representation of the Kuna culture, their beliefs and traditions. Some tell a story and depict animals, people or situations, and others are abstract designs.

Spring | Summer 2016

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Meet Rosemery

Rosemery leads a cooperative of 60 women who live in the “Alto Cayman” province in the northern region of Colombia; right on the border of Panama. Our various collections are hand-crafted using the finest Molas sewn by these artisan women. For our one of-a-kind vintage pieces, we look for the most beautiful and colorful used Molas. Often, the Kuna women renew their apparel and trade in old Molas for commodities. We treasure their imperfections as they give each bag its exclusive feel and quality. Each bag helps support, preserve and encourage artisanal traditions.